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If your vehicle features the Nissan Homelink Universal Transceiver, you may be wondering how to program it. The transceiver can be programmed to connect to your home to control multiple devices such as your garage door, a security system, or lighting. This article will explain how to easily program your transceiver.

Programming Your Nissan Homelink Transceiver

Hold the Homelink outer buttons simultaneously to clear the memory. The buttons need to be held until the indicator light starts to blink. This should occur within 20 seconds.

Hold the transmitter for the device you want to program within three inches of the Homelink buttons.

At the same time, hold down the device transmitter button and the Homelink button you want to use for the device. Do not release the buttons until after the next step.

Continue to hold the buttons from the previous step until the indicator light blinks slowly and then rapidly. This should happen within 90 seconds. The buttons can be released at this point. Press the Homelink button you programmed to ensure the device in your home works.

If the Homelink light blinks at a fast rate within two seconds and then turns solid, it has detected garage door rolling codes. Follow the steps below to program the garage door with rolling codes. Enter the garage opener training mode by pressing the smart or learn button on the side of the motor.

Within 30 seconds of pressing the learn or smart button, hold down on the Homelink button you want to program for at least two seconds and then release. This sequence can be done up to three times. Once the Homelink indicator light illuminates solid, the programming should be complete. Try to operate the garage door from the Homelink button.

To program other devices, follow the same steps above except step one because this will clear out the previous device you programmed.

For additional information on programming your Nissan Homelink Transceiver, contact or visit Nissan of McKinney today.