Summer Maintenance Tips  

One of the most common times of the year when drivers spend the most time in their cars is in the summer when the weather is clear, and it's safer to take different routes. Although there are better driving conditions, it's still necessary to get your car ready for more use to ensure it can handle exposure to heat and wet surfaces. You can rely on our auto service team to get your car in tip-top shape for the season ahead with different types of maintenance that need to be performed.

Change the Oil

Now is the time to change the oil in your car to ensure all the components and parts are lubricated. This will ensure the vehicle runs smoothly and that premature wear doesn't develop the longer you drive the car. The oil can be affected by the outside heat, which can alter its ability to flow throughout the engine. Changing the oil before the summer starts is a great way to ensure it improves the mechanisms under the hood.

Test the Car Battery

Make it a point to test the car battery to ensure it has enough power to operate through the summer. Most batteries tend to last three to six months, depending on their condition. Check for any signs of rust, which can affect the battery's lifespan. Fortunately, car batteries are easy to replace and aren't too expensive.

Look at the Tire Pressure and Condition

It can be easy to overlook the tires on your car, but they determine how much traction you have on the road. They can also affect your car's fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, the heat can affect the air pressure, making it necessary to check the level and add more air if it's needed. Read your owner's manual to determine what the air pressure should be in advance.

Fluid Levels

Your car's fluid levels can change because of the heat that is present in the summer season. Check to see that the transmission fluid is topped off and doesn't need to be replaced. The windshield wiper fluid should also be full to ensure you can easily clean off the glass as you spend time on road trips and long-distance drives. The coolant is the main fluid to focus on and will keep your engine cool in high temperatures. This will prevent the car from overheating.

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