Nissan Reveals Z GT4 Race Car  

The legend of this celebrated sports car lives on, and we saw the Z GT4 race car in an unveiling of the new design. Nissan first pulled the curtain on it in September 2022 at the SEMA Show and revealed its $230,000 price tag. As you might expect from a car of this caliber, the Z GT4 runs on 450 horsepower and 443-pound-feet of torque.

NISMO Upgrades

The Nissan NISMO Motorsports Division developed the Z GT4. It has increased its horsepower by 50 since its predecessor. NISMO tuned the new chassis for competition. Upon inspection, you see a big rear wing and other aerodynamic addenda. We saw the Z GT4 concept participate in the 24 hours of Fiji test entry.

Nissan announced plans for 2023 to give cars to pilot customer teams in the 2023 season. In the United States, those cars will feature the SRO Pirelli GTO America series. Nissan says that it will give the same attention to Super Taikyu racing in Japan.

Expensive Race-Oriented Car

The Z GT4 looks sporty with its red and black livery that expertly blends the modern touch with retro cues. Nissan updated the logo with the number 23 in the rising sun circle on the hood. They stripped the carpeting, the center touchscreen, and the standard digital gauge from the previous model. Instead, they installed a roll cage for the driver to grip and outfitted it with paddle shifters and switchgear.

When Will It Become Available?

Most expect that the new Z GT4 will open for orders in the middle part of 2023. At $229,000, it will require money to be able to afford it. Nissan has said that it will cost $229,000, but we expect that to tack on a mandatory destination charge. You can expect it to total at least $230,000. For those who can afford it, you can expect this to perform better than the standard Z.


The new Z GT4 features a lot of custom work, and they made it a race car for sale to teams. Since its predecessor, they stripped out 500 pounds, which enables it to race even faster. This is an actual race car, so you can't just visit the dealership to buy one. You will need a racing team. If you'd like to learn more about how to do that, you can contact our dealership about how to go about it.

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