How to Use Nissan Hands-Free Text Messaging

What Is Nissan Hands-Free Text Messaging

Text messaging has become a daily activity for the majority of people. Sending a quick text to say you're thinking of someone or sending a text message to alert someone to a problem as well as business messaging are all important modes of communication that improve our daily experience. It's such an essential part of life these days that automakers have recognized the importance of giving drivers the ability to send a text message without ever taking their hands off the wheel. That's because distracted driving has also become an often tragic part of daily life. It causes untold numbers of accidents each year. Responsible brands like Nissan have joined the fight against distracted driving by installing hands-free text messaging on models. It's standard on some, optional on most new models, and it's something you seriously need to consider if you're an active texter who often needs to shoot a quick message to someone. If you've bought a Nissan model that has hands-free text messaging, congratulations! Here's how to use it.

How To Use Hands-free Text Messaging

The button on your Nissan steering wheel (if you have steering wheel mounted controls and have this feature) will be where you get started. Activate hands-free text messaging here to get going on your way. You'll need to know the voice commands that this system responds to.

Read Text: Say "Read Text" to listen to your text messages, which will get you started with your first message. If you want to hear more, say "Next text," and there will be your next text, etc. Does that sound simple? It is! And it's a breeze to get started with just a click of a button.

Send Text: To send a text, say "Send text to NAME." Don't say "NAME" out loud but the name of the contact you want to send a message to. If you have a friend called John Smith, you would say, "Send text to John Smith." You'll have a list of preloaded messages you can send - for example, "On my way," OR you can pre-load your very own custom messages that you can select during this process. Pre-loaded responses include, "Driving, can't text," or "Running late," and there you go! You're all set.

Your voice commands are so critical to a pleasant driving experience. If you know you need to send a lengthy text on your way, pre-load it into the system so that you can send it to the contact of your choice without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Hands-free text messaging isn't just a convenience or social feature. It's a safety feature. When you're able to text without taking your hands off the wheel, it allows you to safely communicate with your friends and family without putting yourself and other people on the road in danger. If you're a social maniac, you're going to LOVE this feature. Make sure you get a Nissan model that has it available!

Try Hands-free Texting Today

If you want to test drive a Nissan model that has this feature enabled, the friendly folks here at Nissan McKinney would love to let you test it out for free! Just call us today to schedule a test drive of a Nissan model that has hands-free text messaging available. We'll set up your test drive and demonstrate how hands-free text messaging works to make your life easier and safer. Write to us, call us, or stop by and see us here at your earliest convenience!

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