Read These Pokémon GO Safety Tips Before You Go out on the Hunt

If you’re one of the millions of people who have fallen under the spell of Pokémon GO, then be sure to take a look at these top Pokémon GO safety tips that you’ll need to know before you head out to play the game.

Don’t Play Behind the Wheel

As with texting, it’s never smart to play Pokémon GO while you’re driving. There have already been several accidents attributed to the game, so we highly recommend waiting until you’ve stopped to try and catch one of the allusive Pokémon. Otherwise, you'll have to make a quick appointment at our McKinney service center.

Watch Out for Distracted Pedestrians

One of the big appeals of Pokémon GO is that you’re encouraged to go outside and find the Pokémon in real places. Because of this you might find that some pedestrians might be a little preoccupied while they are crossing the street, meaning that you should pay extra attention to those who might not notice you coming down the way.

Don’t Go to Unfamiliar Locations

Again, while the appeal of Pokémon GO is to get out and about in your neighborhood, we don’t recommend going to places that you might not be familiar with (this especially applies to young children). As such, you should always stay by familiar places with lots of people around you.

Other Important Tips:

  • Use extra caution when playing at night.
  • Don’t loiter by homes or areas of business where people might find you suspicious.
  • Always carry plenty of sunscreen and water, especially during these hot summer months.
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